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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I can't decide which facial to go for?

A. We completely understand how confusing it can be trying to figure out which treatments are the most appropriate for you to get the results you want, that's why we always encourage our clients to book in for a Skin Analysis Session. 

Q. What is a Skin Analysis Session?

A. Our Skin Analysis Sessions are literally mini facial appointments whereby we get the opportunity to conduct a thorough consultation with you, chat about your concerns and perform a deep cleanse. We then study your skin under a magnifying lamp and note what areas we feel we could help to improve. We then apply post cleansing, hydration products and SPF to protect your skin. The results of your Skin Analysis Session are recorded and then discussed with you so that we can offer either a specific product plan, facial or a course of treatments that will be most effective for your individual needs.

Q. How much is a Skin Analysis Session?

A. We currently charge £15.00 for your initial session, which is fully redeemable towards either your first treatment of product purchase from the Murad skincare range.

Q. How long does this session take?

A. Please allow up to 45,mins for your consultation and treatment.

Q. I have allergies can I still have a treatment?

A. We follow a strict protocol whereby any known allergies or previous reactions must be declared. We can adapt skincare products in most cases to allow for you to still be able to benefit from treatments. However, in rarer cases some people are completely unaware that they have particular sensitivities to ingredients until a reaction has unfortunately occurred.


Q. What if I have a reaction?

A. Aftercare information is always provided to ensure that you are able to manage your skin post treatment. It is your responsibility to follow the aftercare provided. To enable us to offer you the best advice if you believe you are having a reaction, you must inform us of your concerns as soon as possible and in the first instance contact a Healthcare Professional for medical advice. We keep a record of all products used within your treatment which can be made available to you at your request. This can be useful if you require allergy testing in the future as a reaction could be triggered by a common agent that is used in cosmetics generally.

We will always do our best to support you through recovering from any reaction, however if unknown allergies are not declared, this can be a rare occurrence. 

Q. Do you offer payment plans?

A. We do offer payment plans on courses of six treatments or more. This can be discussed within the clinic where our therapists will discuss methods of making your treatments more affordable.

Q. Still need help?

A. You can take our find our perfect facial quiz, where you will receive a personalised message containing options in response to your quiz answers or you contact us directly via email, telephone or our social media platforms.

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