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A first in skincare for a more balanced microbiome and clearer skin. This Murad Blemish Clarifying Oil Free Water Gel protects like a second layer of skin. Scientific research shows that bacteria can sense and “talk” to each other to form a group. And as a group, these bacteria can throw off skin’s balance, triggering the irritation associated with breakouts. Clarifying Oil-Free Water Gel contains innovative technology that interrupts communication so bacteria can’t form a group and cause an imbalance. The result? Your microbiome stays balanced, and you see clearer, hydrated, and healthier-looking skin!

84% said skin feels immediately balanced (not too oily or too dry)

After 4 weeks:
100% felt smoother skin
92% noticed an overall clearer complexion
92% said product did not clog pores
92% agreed skin is less shiny
88% saw less irritated skin over time
88% said skin feels soothed


Use AM and PM. Cleanse with Clarifying Cleanser. Massage Clarifying Oil-Free Water Gel evenly over to face, neck and chest. Follow with a Murad SPF during the day.


Clarifying Oil Free Water Gel 47ml

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